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We hire only the very best sitters to care for your pets.



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Lucie is the owner of Charlotte Metro Pet Group.  She has lived in many locations throughout the U.S. due to her husband’s career and has happily and permanently settled in the Charlotte area. She and her husband have been married for over 35 years, have two adult daughters and have raised many, many canines and a cockatiel named, "Dave" over those years.

After starting successful pet sitting businesses in Dublin and Irvine, California with many happy clients, Lucie decided the growing South Charlotte area could benefit from professional, reliable pet sitting services.


She takes care of all the business matters so her pet sitters can strictly focus on pet care and servicing the client’s needs with excellence. However, she does love going out to do field work too!

Her philosophy is to treat client’s pets as if they were her own, and Charlotte Metro Pet Group's pet sitters follow the same philosophy. “We consistently want to make pet sitting stress free for the clients when they work or travel by giving the best of care while their pets have fun!”



Samantha is a lifelong dog-lover and avid runner/yogi. Since graduating with her Bachelor’s in Marketing, Samantha moved to the Carolinas from Scottsdale, Arizona to be closer to her family. When she isn’t at the gym, running, doing yoga or pet sitting, you can find Samantha with her nose in a book or giggling at endless videos of animals online.



We want to introduce you to our pet sitter Fran. Fran is the “Mom” to two kitty cats, Mr. Sasha and The Princess. She is very passionate about animal rights and animal’s well-being. Fran was and is a client of ours and we were so fortunate when she decided to come on board. Fran has experience with many dogs and cats and is a proponent of the three C’s. Care, compassion and comfort. Fran brings peace of mind to her clients on each and every visit. 


When Fran is not pet sitting, she enjoys gardening, trying new recipes, and attending her Grandson’s year-round sporting events. You might even see her attending classes at the Indian Land YMCA!



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Muireann simply loves all animals. She has fostered dogs, cats, birds and few other types of animals. She also has experience bottle raising numerous litters of kittens and puppies. Murieann lives with her husband in Waxhaw, along with her 2 dogs, six chickens and a snake. She also loves to help out on her family farm when she has a few moments to spare.


Muirann is a Renaissance costume designer and performs across the country at the Renaissance Fairs. Our clients love Muireann!



Chris is the mother of two adult children. Her son Will is a former US Marine and her daughter Morgan is currently a Senior at UNCC. Chris has a BA in Psychology from UNCW, where she met her husband Michael.  They have been married for over 27 years.


Chris has always enjoyed staying active and is an avid Crossfitter and runner.  She has four family dogs, three Jack Russell’s and a very beautiful Red Nose Pitbull! Chris thoroughly enjoys being around pets! Chris also enjoys the human side of the business, and loves engaging people in conversation, in order to get to know them better! Chris’ pet sitting clients love her service!



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Growing up, Betty knew that any “stray” would be welcome in her home. Carrying on that tradition as she raised 2 boys and a girl, her house was home to dogs, cats, guinea pigs, fish, hamsters, gerbils, and ferrets! Loving companions all!

Betty now has a hysterical 15 year old Jack Russell who, “rules the roost”! She adores all of the pets she visits and thoroughly enjoys being with Charlotte Metro Pet Group. Betty looks forward to meeting your babies and promises to give them the loving care and attention they receive from you!



Gail was born and raised in the Carolinas. She retired from a local dermatology practice after 15 years and has lived in Indian Land since 2015. The dog in the photo is 13 year-old Chevy withwhom she lives alone (very happily)!


She also has a granddog named Jax who is part Chihuahua,
part Jack Russell, and she keeps him occasionally on weekends. Gail loves animals and has
always had a pet in her home.


Michelle & Jack

After living in NJ their whole lives, Michele and Jack relocated to in 2015 for the warm climate, beautiful weather and retirement.  Pets were always an enjoyable part of their family since they were children.  Their passion for animals continues to grow as they discover each pet's unique personality.

So far since residing in the Charlotte Area they’ve got tremendous satisfaction loving and caring for many local dogs and cats. They enjoy feeding the birds year-round, traveling, music and one of their favorite TV shows is The Incredible Dr. Pol.  Right now between grandchildren and grand fur babies “Life is Good”.

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Arlene & Bruce

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Arlene & Bruce have resided in the Area since 2010 when they relocated here from Long Island, New York to enjoy retirement.  Arlene has been around animals her whole life including dogs and their litters, cats, and horses. Bruce was not allowed to have a pet growing up but has since made up for lost time. He first got a cat and then took in 2 additional rescue cats. Bruce also had a poodle for many years. Now he can’t imagine life without a pet.

They have both taken care of friends and neighbors pets on many occasions since they are trustworthy, kind, and give high quality care. They will treat your pet as if it is their own.



Johnnie is one of those wonderful, rare Carolina natives. She was born and raised in Fort Mill and services our northern Indian Land clients.


She has had animals all her life and her two Shih Tzu’s, Coco and Ginger are considered members of her loving family. When she isn’t busy pet sitting, Johnnie loves to go on nature walks on the beaches and in the mountains of the charming Carolinas.



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Jessie has been an animal lover her entire life. She has had dogs, cat, birds, lizards, chickens, horses, ferrets and the world’s funniest prairie dog. Jessie volunteered at the humane society until she was old enough to work at a boarding kennel. When she was in college studying Veterinarian Technology, she worked at a no kill rescue. Jessie also attended grooming school and worked as a pet groomer for many years.


As Jessie has a deep love for horses, she volunteered at a therapeutic riding facility which helped children with disabilities discover the joy of horses. Jessie, her retired Navy husband, along with their two children are the owners of 3 adorable rescue pups, Jake, Daisy and Dottie. We are certain Jessie would have many more if she could! We are fortunate to have Jessie on our team!



For those of you who have not met our sitter Nicole, we would like to tell you a little bit about her. Nicky and her family relocated to the beautiful Indian Land area in 2018. She has a four year old kitty, who was lovingly named, “Princess Penelope Von Kibble” by her two darling sons. (Penelope for short)


Nicole grew up with many dogs and has experience with many other animals such as birds, fish, hamsters, lizards and turtles. In addition to being a full-time Mom to her two boys, Nicole loves hiking, being outdoors and getting in some sewing when she has time. We are so fortunate to have her as part of our team.



Tasha is a dog and cat lover from the heart. She has been involved with animals all her life! She became familiar with a wide variety of animal breeds and personalities while working for 6 years in a boarding kennel and a veterinary office. She has accumulated skills and experience that help put our clients at ease knowing their cherished furry friends are in wonderful hands while they are away.

Even on her off days, you will find Tasha surrounded by animal friends of her own. At home she has five fluffy cats and four beautiful dogs named Cupcake, Moose the Goose, Mando and Jack. She also has a fish named Casper!



Our Pet Sitter Debbie has had pets her entire life. Her current kitty, named Cheri is a healthy happy cat. She truly enjoys sitting for her daughter’s golden retriever Charlie, and her cat Pippin whenever her daughter travels.


Debbie is originally a midwestern girl from Wisconsin. She is a theater major and has always loved acting. She has been in several plays in the Charlotte area and continues to enjoy the arts. She also enjoys traveling with her husband in their spare time. Debbie is a lovely pet sitter and a terrific member of our team.



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Jim and his wife Jane moved to the Carolinas 2011 after working in NYC for 45 years. They are very happy here, but they still visit their 3 children and 6 grandchildren, plus a Labradoodle and Bernedoodle, as much as possible back in NYC.

Over the years Jim has owned many dogs and a very special cat for 14 years. On his time off, he stays active as an avid pickleball player, sports enthusiast and car buff.



Lori has lived in the Waxhaw area for over 23 years. She has always been a lover of animals and has owned all kinds of pets. These include cats, dogs, gerbils, hamsters and even a piranha. Aside from raising her two children, she is also the loving fur mama of 3 Frenchies, Monty, Lola and her latest “foster fail” Mochi. Among the pack, she also is a mother of her senior cat, Georgie!


For the past several years, Lori has volunteered at a local bulldog rescue, and has fostered several French bulldogs helping them find their forever home. After adopting her first senior Frenchie foster in 202, Toby, Lori knew caring for all animals as her own would always be part of her life.


Lori realizes how precious our pets are to us and will always treat your pet like her own.



Jamie has always had a love for animals and is the proud Mom of 2 dogs and 3 cats. All of her pets are rescues that needed a loving family to care for them. That is just what they have found with Jamie. If she could, she would have 100 more!


Jamie is also a wife and mother, and is currently working towards completing her Bachelors Degree in Business. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family, gardening, listening to music and exploring new places.



Pet Sitter Melonee is a Charlotte native who lives in Monroe. She has been married for 25 years and has 3 children. She has always loved animals and currently has 3 dogs and 5 chickens.


Her Mom lives right next door and Melonee is always happy to take care of her two dogs when she is away. She really enjoys being outdoors however enjoys a good cuddle on the couch with her dogs. Melonee was in the medical field for 20 years.


Currently, in addition to pet sitting, she is an experienced real estate agent with 11 years of experience. She truly has a passion for caring for people, pets of all types and their needs.



Cathy grew up in Western New York.  She was surrounded by a large family of siblings and a variety of animals.  She taught for over forty years, primarily math and science, and recently retired.  


She happily downsized and now lives in Indian Land with her husband.  She loves the outdoors, hiking, kayaking, gardening, sewing and tutoring.  She is always excited to care and love furry friends.

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Pet Sitter and dog walker Victoria is a lifelong animal lover. She has three cats and is an aunt to a 90-pound black lab
(and a human niece and nephew) whom she loves dearly.


She moved here from Indiana to be closer to family and
she loves the Carolinas. Victoria went to Indiana State University and majored in psychology. She loves camping and
being in nature as much as possible but also adores staying in and reading on a rainy day. Victoria previously worked
in health care and is passionate about caring for others. She looks forward to meeting you and your wonderful
pets! Victoria services our clients in beautiful Charlotte.



Our pet sitter Charlene was raised in Charlotte but has lived most of her life in Texas and Florida. Charlene was a registered Nurse in Family Practice for over 27 years. She happily
moved back to the area in 2018 to semi-retire and be near family and friends.


Charlene has two amazingly beautiful rescue kitties that keep her laughing with all their quirky behaviors. She loves all animals and is happy to pet sit for dogs, cats, rabbits or turtles. She truly believes that animals are in our lives to love and take care of. In return, pet sitting makes her heart happy!
When Charlene is not pet sitting, she enjoys hiking, doing craft work of all kinds and meeting new people.



Our pet sitter Sydney grew up in Huntsville Alabama and moved to Charlotte when she was 13. She has loved animals forever and still has her first dog, a Yorkie named, “Bella”. In addition to Bella, she has a large pack of doggies which include 2 Goldendoodles, a Doberman and an Aussiedoodle.


She loves to take her dogs out on nature hikes with little Bella in her backpack. She pet sits and dog walks in the South Park area, all the way down to Waxhaw. Sydney’s clients love her as Pet Sitting and Dog walking encompasses her two favorite things in life. Acts of service to both humans and animals.

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