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Veterinary Release

I understand in the event of an emergency, Charlotte Metro Pet Group will make every attempt to contact me. In the event I cannot be reached, I authorize the following: In the event of illness or injury, I authorize Charlotte Metro Pet Group to seek appropriate medical treatment for my pet.


I understand that every effort will be made to take my pet to the vet clinic specified on the Veterinary Release Form, however Charlotte Metro Pet Group has the authority to seek treatment at any veterinarian clinic.

I hereby give Charlotte Metro Pet Group my express permission to take my pet to the above-mentioned Veterinarian (or closest open facility if primary vet not available). I give permission for the veterinarian to administer any care or medications necessary

I will assume full responsibility for the payment for any and all veterinary services in the amount up to...

This release does not expire and will remain valid for all future Charlotte Metro Pet Group services.

Thank you for submitting this form!

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